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Next CHIKARA IPPV announced


The second CHIKARA online pay per view has been announced! The following is taken from the CHIKARA newsletter: 

"Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Live at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, PA!

Streaming live, worldwide via GFL.tv!

Doors = 6:00 pm :: Belltime = 7:00 pm”

Here is the link to the official event page:


No matches have been announced yet, but the show will apparently feature all of the CHIKARA regulars, as well as Colt Cabana.

Click the image at the top of this post for details on a competition, where the winner will be flown to the show!

Thoughts: Cool, lately I’ve been wondering when the next CHIKARA IPPV will be That competition is a great idea too. 

- Lee

Live coverage of Dragon Gate USA: Revolt!

Lee here with live Dragon Gate USA coverage. The show (and coverage) will begin at 8pm EST (1am GMT). Keep refreshing this post for the results! 

Match 1: The Scene (Scott Reed & Caleb Konley) vs Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez

Winners: Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez (Cannon pinned Konley after a brainbuster)

Thoughts: Decent opener. Good work from all involved. I love the Scene’s double team move (ddt into a wheelbarrow suplex). 

Match 2: Sami Callihan vs Jon Davis

Winner: Jon Davis (pinned Callihan after 3 seconds around the world)

Thoughts: Very good hard hitting match. Davis and his power moves looked awesome in this one (especially his incredible finisher). Sami was impressive as always, and really helped elevate Davis here. 

- The post-Davis-victory DUF beatdown I predicted is happening now. 

Match 3: Akira Tozawa vs Masato Yoshino

Winner: Akira Tozawa (german suplex into a bridge)

Thoughts: Solid match. It really seemed like it could go either way, and the finish was excellent (Tozawa countered the Lightning Spiral in a very smooth sequence). Tozawa radiated charisma and intensity as always, and Yoshino put in a good showing too. 

Match 4: CIMA & Brodie Lee vs Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor

Winners: CIMA & Brodie Lee (Sit out powerbomb followed by Meteora, then pinfall)

Thoughts: I wasn’t that into this one going in, it seemed like a random rehash of the Blood Warriors/Ronin feud, but they won me over with some great action. Gargano’s offence looked crisp throughout, and the ending sequence (Ronin miscommunication led to Lee wiping Taylor out, which led to Lee and CIMA destroying Gargano) came off very well. Taylor put in a spirited performance too. 


Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed the first half. Tozawa vs Yoshino is my favourite match so far. What did you think? Let me know on Twitter @IWEnews

Match 5: BJ Whitmer vs Vinny from Boston (Marcellia?) 

Winner: BJ Whitmer (via submission)

Thoughts: Whitmer choked him out in a couple of minutes. A nice change of pace. As an MMA fan I really dig shock swift finishes like that. 

- Whitmer and Brodie Lee are brawling now. 

- They brawled to the back. Chuck Taylor has joined Lenny on commentary. 

Match 6 - FRAY!: PAC vs Ricochet vs Rich Swann vs Uhaa Nation vs AR Fox vs Sabu

Winner: Ricochet (pinned Sabu after a 630 senton)

Thoughts: Wow. Awesome match! Mindblowing action, particularly when PAC was going at it with Ricochet and Swann, and when AR Fox and Uhaa Nation went at it. Nation tore it up in the middle as well. I’ll have more to say about this tomorrow. 

- Tozawa is out for an interview. He wants the Fredom Gate. Swann came out. They had a rap battle. Tozawa sang operatically. Swann rapped. Tozawa kicked Swann in the face. 

Thoughts: Great segment featuring the two most charismatic men in DGUSA. I’ll have more to say about it tomorrow. 

Main event- No Rope, No DQ: YAMATO vs BxB Hulk

Winner: YAMATO (pinfall after landing Galleria on a steel chair) 

Thoughts: Very good main event. The crowd seemed eerily quiet at first, but they got into it and popped loudly for the spots. Some very cool sequences, and many, many killer kicks from Hulk. It wasn’t my favourite YAMATO/Hulk match, but it was still a solid bout, and a fine way to conclude a solid evening of wrestling. 

- YAMATO spoke to the crowd to close the show. 

Thanks very much for following along with me tonight! I’ll have my review up sometime tomorrow. I’m not yet sure whether we will have coverage of tomorrow’s DGUSA show here, but I’ll definitely be around to cover the show on Sunday. 

You will soon be able to order the replay over at WWNlive: 

WWNLive.com iPPV

First ever Chikara ippv announced!

Chikara announced on Twitter earlier today that their Philadelphia show on November the 13th, High Noon, will be broadcast as an online pay per view. This will be the first ever Chikara ippv.

Thoughts: I missed that tweet when I was scrolling through to get the KOS results earlier, and ended up reading it on the Pinfall Magazine Facebook page. Anyway, this is great news! Good to see another top indy promotion going ippv. 

Review - EVOLVE 9


Finlay vs Callihan

Brutal match, so stiff and hard hitting, with the story of Sami being out to defeat his idol playing out perfectly. I don’t think Finlay has had the chance to perform at this level in a long time, and he absolutely delivered.

Sami’s selling was brilliant, he really put over the damage done by Finlay’s offence. The Irishman dominating and ultimately winning was not how I expected this to play out, and Sami looked awesome in defeat, as he endured a ton of cringe inducing slams, strikes and submissions.

Overall, an intense match that told a great story. I suspect there will be a rematch on the horizon.

Gargano vs Taylor

Great performance from both men. They had a hard act to follow after the excellent Finlay/Callihan bout, but they managed to pull it off. The match was full of smooth sequences and counters, which emphasised their knowledge of each other very well. It was great seeing two “homegrown” EVOLVE guys headline the show, and they both did the company proud. Did I mention that I interviewed Gargano last week? http://tumblr.com/xk33la52gn

Steen vs Fish vs Davis

Jon Davis is a beast. His sheer ass-kickery takes me back to watching Goldberg when I was a kid. I want to see this guy pushed to the top of EVOLVE. 

The match was wild.  Heavy hitting offence and no indication whatsoever of who would win. It was definitely in contention for match of the night. 

Kevin Steen (in general)

Steen’s presence and various appearances added a cool “anything can happen” vibe to the show. I loved his destruction of the opening match, and his stint on commentary. Obviously he was a great addition to Fish/Davis too.

Reed & Konley vs Up In Smoke

This was a very enjoyable match, and I was particularly impressed with Scott Reed. Cheech’s shock turn on Cloudy at the end was well executed too.

I must say though, I didn’t buy into Cloudy hanging with Reed. Reed is twice the size of Cloudy, and his sick sit out powerbomb looked like it killed him. Seeing Cloudy execute a missile dropkick a few minutes later took me out of it a bit. 

I assume Reed/Konley will become the top tag team now, since they defeated and ultimately disbanded Up In Smoke.

Nese vs Silver

Good match. I wasn’t as into it as a lot of the folks on Twitter seemed to be, maybe that’s just because neither man really connected with me. Good work from both of them though.

Facade & Gory vs Super Smash Bros

This was a good one too. Both teams impressed with their innovative double team moves.

Dunkerton vs Young

I really like Sugar D’s serious character. I appreciate his effort in transitioning to a different persona for his EVOLVE appearances. Like I said yesterday, Young dominated but was upstaged by Dunkerton’s offence, until he delivered his insane turnbuckle headstand into springboard moonsault finisher.

Dorado vs Sanchez

Decent match, but I don’t remember a great deal about it to be honest. I recall liking the ending, with Sanchez abandoning the cover so he could force Dorado to tap, it made him look ferocious. 

Win/loss records

I love the emphasis on wins and losses in EVOLVE, it gives every match on the card meaning. With this system, no matter who you have in what match, it will be perceived as important by the audience. It’s something I feel gives EVOLVE an edge over other promotions.


No selling suplexes in the opener

In the opening match, one guy no-sold a german suplex, then the other no-sold a saito suplex. Those moves are sold as being devastating in upper card matches, so seeing the new guys in the opening match  brushing them off is confusing for the audience. 


How to make EVOLVE even more unique

This isn’t a criticism, just a suggestion. Like I said earlier, I really like the win/loss record emphasis in EVOLVE, and I feel it separates this company from the pack in big way. The win/loss thing isn’t big in modern American wrestling, but is big in MMA. Another aspect where I think EVOLVE would do well in taking some MMA influence is in sudden finishes. 

In MMA, the viewers are gripped from start to finish in every fight as they could all end at any moment (via knockout or a swift submission). This is rarely the case with indy wrestling in 2011, as matches are almost never ended in the first few minutes. A few out-of-nowhere victories in the lower and mid card could go a long way to make the overall show even more exciting.  

Overall, I really enjoyed my first EVOLVE experience, and I would definitely recommend the replay! Clicking the picture below will take you to WWN Live where you can get it on demand:  

WWNLive.com iPPV

New DGUSA ippv/free match download

Dragon Gate USA have uploaded Open The Ultimate Gate 2011 to wwnlive.com, where it is available as an online pay per view on demand (for $15). After purchasing, you can watch it whenever you want, as many times as you want, with no time limit. You will also receive a $5 discount on the DVD. Sign up for WWN and purchase the ippv by clicking the link below:

WWNLive.com iPPV

Also, Johnny Gargano vs Jimmy Rave is available for free download at the following link: 


I can’t remember what show that match is from. It’s definitely from one of the upcoming DVD releases. 

DGUSA ippv policy change

Yesterday, Gabe Sapolsky announced (via Facebook) that from now on, after purchasing a pay per view on WWNlive, you will be able to watch it on demand forever (the previous policy was that it was available until the dvd was released). WWNlive currently host ippvs for Dragon Gate USA, EVOLVE and FIP.

Thoughts: Excellent deal. I have 4 ippvs available on demand on that site, so I’m very pleased. You can sign up by clicking the banner beneath: 

WWNLive.com iPPV

Review - Dragon Gate USA: Enter The Dragon 2011



Awesome main event. These two just get better and better. Definitely a match of the year candidate. Great wrestling, great high flying, hard hitting, great drama. I’d probably rank PAC and YAMATO as my number one and two favourite wrestlers right now. If you haven’t already, order the replay and watch it. 

Blood Warriors vs Ronin

What a night for Johnny Gargano. Making CIMA and Austin Aries tap out! It was a very enjoyable match. The atmosphere was electric when it went down to him and Aries.

Yoshino was a logical replacement for Taylor. Also, Rich Swann deserves credit for his selling. And the spot with CIMA and Aries stretching Swann while Lee splashed him was sick! 

Yoshino vs Ricochet

Very good opening match. Both men are always great to watch, so I really enjoyed this one. Nice set up for Yoshino aligning with Ronin later too. 

D.U.F vs Mochizuki & Yokosuka

I really hope we see more of Mochizuki in DGUSA, he is simply awesome. His kicks are absolutely brutal! Anyway, I’m not crazy about DUF going over, but at least it was Yokosuka who tapped. And I still really like Sami’s submission finisher (the stretch muffler). 

AR Fox vs Pinkie Sanchez

AR Fox lived up to the hype. So awesome. That spin into the death valley driver, his finisher, everything he did just looked great. He is the future! 

As for Pinkie Sanchez, he was good too. I thought him pulling his tights down was a bit weird, but I suppose it did get him heat.


I enjoyed the FRAY!, and Davis deserved the win. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with him in the future.


New guy and Lenny did a great job on commentary this weekend. Congratulations! 

The Crowd

The crowd were hot all night, and added a lot to the Ronin match and the main event. The Aries/Gargano face off was a great moment, and they deserve a lot of credit for that. 

Chat Box

The chat box next to the stream provided a lot of laughs while the technical difficulties were taking place. I still think the transcript should be a bonus on the dvd.


Technical Difficulties 

I won’t dwell on this as everyone knows what happened. Hopefully everything will run smoothly in the future! We got a free show out of it, so maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing in the end. 

No Akira Tozawa

Where were you Tozawa?! Obviously he would have been booked if he was available, and I’m sure he had a good reason not to be, so I won’t hold it against anyone. Still, it was a shame he wasn’t on the Second Anniversary Show, especially considering what an asset to the company he has been this year.


Does Tony Nese look like Chris Masters?

Some guys in the crowd thought so. 

"C’mon Chris Masters finish him off!"

"Use the Masterlock!"

Buy the replay of the show at the link beneath. 

WWNLive.com iPPV

Dragon Gate USA: ippv/matches announced

The Dragon Gate USA: Enter The Dragon ippv is now available on demand! Also…..Open The Southern Gate (ppv from the Friday of Wrestlemania weekend) is available on demand for free for anyone who ordered Enter The Dragon! It is also available for anyone else to order.

WWNLive.com iPPV

Thoughts: I can’t wait to watch Enter The Dragon again. I’ll review it tomorrow. Make sure you sign up via the link above, as that way I will get paid every time you order a show :D 

PAC vs Ricochet series announced

The international PAC/Ricochet rivalry will reach new heights at the next series of DGUSA shows in September. They will face off in a variety of match types. The stipulations for each match will be announced soon.

Thoughts: This will be awesome. Ricochet has a shot at the Brave Gate in Japan before September, so he may the champion going into this feud. 

JCW ippv rescheduled

The JCW online pay per view, Send In The Clowns, has been rescheduled for Wednesday the 15th of June at 19:15 EST. You can buy the show for $5 here:


DGUSA: Enter The Dragon ippv live coverage!

All match results and thoughts will be edited into this post, so keep checking back or refreshing the page.

Match 1: Masato Yoshino vs Ricochet

Winner: Masato Yoshino

Thoughts: The stream went down half way through. I got the result from pwinsider. This is not a good start to the ippv. This was one of the matches I was most looking forward to as well.

- The stream is back up now. 

Match 2: Pinkie Sanchez vs AR Fox

- Stream out of action again. This is not good.

- Stream still down. About 50 minutes into the show. We’ve seen about 10….

Winner: AR Fox

- Thanks again pwinsider. Apparently it was great.

- An hour in. Still no stream.

-  Still nothing, but they are working on it. I think the show may be on hold. I have faith that they will get everything sorted, and that they will make it up to us.

- Snapmare Drops on Twitter tweeted that Davis won the FRAY. They’ve taken an intermission now while they fix stuff.

- Intermission video is playing. Let’s hope the live feed will function now too.

- It’s back on!

Match 4: Masaaki Mochizuki & Susumu Yokosuka vs Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon

Winners: Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon

Thoughts: I may not be a big Callihan fan, but I really like his submission finisher with the kicks to head. He made Yokosuka tap. Good match. I hope we see more of Mochizuki in the future. He’s awesome.

Match 4: Elimination match - CIMA, Brodie Lee and Austin Aries vs Rich Swann, Johnny Gargano and Masato Yoshino

Winners: Gargano, Swann and Yoshino (Gargano made Aries tap)

Thoughts: Missed quite a lot of it due to streaming issues, but everything I saw was excellent. Gargano looked like a star.

Match 5: YAMATO vs PAC (Open The Freedom Gate Title Match)

Winner: YAMATO

Thoughts: Brilliant match. Missed parts due to streaming issues, can’t wait to watch it again on demand. Incredible main event.

-  YAMATO showed respect to PAC after the match, then Blood Warriors attacked, Ronin made the save. Gargano made a speech, then handed the mic to Swann, which led to the show ending while Swann was mid sentence. Clear homage to the Sopranos.

I’ll have the review up later in the week after I’ve watched everything I’ve missed on demand.