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Lee has joined the FreeProWrestling.com team!

Remember that awesome legally free wrestling videos site I posted about a while back, FreeProWrestling.com? I have now joined the team! So far I have contributed my thoughts to…

AJ Styles vs Abyss (Cage match from TNA Lockdown 2005)

Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley vs Shark Boy vs Jay Lethal vs Sonjay Dutt (X Division title cage match from TNA Lockdown 2007)

Akira Tozawa vs Mat Fitchett from ACW in 2011

I will be adding my thoughts to many more matches there, ones that are currently online and upcoming additions (new ones are posted each day). Be sure to check the site regularly!

- Lee

Live YouShoot with Vince Russo on IPPV

Former WWF, WCW and TNA booker Vince Russo’s upcoming shoot interview with YouShoot will be broadcast on live online pay per view  on June the first. You can order it for $15 over at WWNLive.com

Russo will be answering questions from fans throughout the interview. I could be mistaken, but I think all of the questions will be from fans. Those who are familiar with the YouShoot series will no that it’s pretty much no holds barred when it comes to questions and topics. 

Thoughts: Russo is one of the most infamous characters in the business, following his successful run as a booker in WWF he proceeded to baffle viewers of WCW and TNA for the following decade with his often questionable booking decisions, so this will be very interesting. 

- Lee

Nigel McGuinness interview at PWPonderings

Ring Of Honor legend and former TNA wrestler Nigel McGuinness recently sat down with Jerome Cusson and Christ GST over at PWPonderings for a podcast interview. Here are some excerpts (quoted from the press release): 

"On What Inspired Nigel to start the Last of McGuinness project

Colt Cabana really in few words. He’d done his Wrestling Road Diaries DVD and had quite a lot of success with it…and so I talked to him about it and … I didn’t know what I was going to be left with. I didn’t have any money left to invest to pay people to follow me while I went along so I was kind of limited and I didn’t know if it would be a waste of time. So we talked about it and he said the least you can do is do it and with the way he approached the Wrestling Road Diaries where he jus tpaid someone to follow him around and video tape it and he figured if he didn’t have anything at the end at least he had a story about the weekend/week of his life as a professional wrestling for the rest of his life…

On what the goals were for the actual farewell tour

It was to get out to as many places as I could so that those who wanted to see me wrestle one last time could and would have a chance to do that and I was touched by so many of those who did. When you haven’t wrestled for WWE and you don’t have hundreds of thousands of people following you on twitter sometimes you get a sense that you don’t really exist, that no one knows who you are compared to those guys. I didn’t know what to expect and there were some that drove six or seven hours to West Virginia to see me so it was emotional.

On if there was a problem with some of the talent and/or their employers to get them to be allowed to be a part of the project.

At the time I presented it to them as Im filming this stuff, will it become a documentary I don’t know, it’s not like this is definitely going to happen but I value your opinion on wrestling and so if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to film this and they all trusted and trust in me and that I wouldn’t in any way put out anything that would hurt them and they didn’t say anything that could hurt them either. For the most part everyone was talking about in general terms about this wonderful crazy industry that they spent their life pursuing just the same as me.

Other topics included the ROH compilation that will becoming out shortly and what matches we can expect to see. On if other memorable feuds such as the one he had with the current World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan feuds will be shown on the documentary. Lots of candid feelings from Nigel including on if any of the current crop of ROH talent could bring him out for one last match. Check it all out via this link: http://bit.ly/wtmbeF

- Lee

Matches announced for next PWS show

The next Pro Wrestling Syndicate show will take place in Rahway, New Jersey the 2nd of May. The following matches have been announced:

Sami Callihan vs Jay Lethal

Matt Hardy vs Colt Cabana

Jerry Lynn vs Marty Jannetty

Demolition vs The Dream Team (Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake)

Maria Kannelis and Brittney Savage vs Jillian Hall and Reby Sky

Adam Cole vs Brian XL vs Samura Del Sol vs Zema Ion

Bret Hart will be appearing.

Thanks to Rob Hawkins for passing that along. 

Thoughts: Good stuff. I like how they provide a few legends, a bit of former TV talent, and some of the top indy guys. There’s something for everyone, and it exposes wrestlers to audiences that wouldn’t normally see them.

- Lee

McGuinness documentary going ahead

Nigel McGuinness managed to raise the required $32,000 for his documentary in just three days! He posted a thank you message on Youtube. 

You can still donate money to the project at the following link. The more money he gets, the better it will be, but now he has reached his goal it will certainly be going ahead:


Thoughts: Fantastic news. This should be a hell of a documentary. Stuff like this shows how powerful the internet can be, and how awesome Nigel’s fans are. 

- Lee

Pro Wrestling Syndicate results (from last night)

Pro Wrestling Syndicate: Supercard 2012 took place in Rahway, New Jersey last night. The advertised main event was Matt Hardy vs Psycho Sid Vicious, but Sid missed his flight, apparently due to his wallet being stolen, so the promoter phoned him in the ring at the start of the show, and gave out was supposedly Sid’s phone number to the booing crowd. 

Thoughts: How classy…

Jay Lethal was booked as Sid’s replacement.

Fall Count Anywhere: Balls Mahoney defeated Marty Janetty

Brett Gayika defeated CJ Esparza

Eddie Kingston defeated Kevin Matthews

PWS Tri-State Championship: Tony Nese retained against Alex Reynolds

Matt Hardy defeated Jay Lethal (as Psycho Sid)

Amazing Red won a 6 man match that also featured, AR Fox, Shiima Xion (Zema Ion), Gran Akuma, Devon Moore, Brian XL and Samuray Del Sol

One Warrior Nation defeated Smith James

PWS Tag Team Championship: The Lone Rangers (John Silver & Pat Buck) & The Powers Of Pain went to a no contest

Dan Maff defeated Jerry Lynn

Hardcore match: The Sheik defeated Masada

Source: http://www.2xzone.com

Thoughts: The card was loaded, I imagine this was a good show. If you attended, feel free to send a review to indywrestling@hotmail.co.uk and I’ll post it here. 

- Lee

Help Nigel McGuinness make a documentary! (+video)

Former ROH and TNA wrestler Nigel McGuinness (“Desmond Wolfe” in TNA) shot over 60 hours of footage on his retirement tour near the end of 2011, and now he wants to turn it into a documentary. He doesn’t have the money to do it alone though, he needs you help! Check out this video for details, and for preview of the documentary: 

Nigel needs $32,000, of which $13,141 has been reached so far. You can pledge money and read more details on the project here: 


Thoughts: That will be a great documentary, I hope Nigel raises enough money to complete it.

- Lee

Brian Kendrick done with TNA (apparently)

According to Mike Johnson of PWinsider, Brian Kendrick is no longer with TNA. His profile has been removed from the TNA website, and he is now taking indy bookings. 

Source: http://prowrestling.net

Thoughts: This isn’t surprising, and to be honest I don’t know why TNA have so many X Division guys under contract. These days, they seem to revolve the division around the champion, having him feud with between one and three different challengers for a few months, then move on to new challengers. Kendrick was the centre of the division for a while (with his weird guru character), then Aries took his place, then Kendrick vanished. I reckon they should just sign indy guys to short term contracts if they’re going to keep booking it this way, or maybe even not bother with contracts at all. 

Anyway, I imagine we’ll see Kendrick back in ROH or DGUSA in the not too distant future. 

- Lee

Amazing Red returning to Ring Of Honor

Former TNA wrestler Amazing Red, who was a mainstay in the early days of Ring Of Honor, will make his return to the promotion at the 10th Anniversary show on March the 4th, where he will team up with TJ Perkins to take on Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin of the House Of Truth. The show will be available on live IPPV for $10 over at http://gfl.tv

Thoughts: That could be a great match. Hopefully Red will stick around, his team with TJP would be a great addition to the ROH tag division. The line up for this show gets better and better, click HERE to view the rest of it.

- Lee

Jesse Neal finished with TNA

Jesse Neal made his final appearance for TNA at the TV tapings this week. He is booked for the I Believe In Wrestling event in Orlando this saturday. More details on the show available at http://www.ibelieveinwrestling.com

Source: prowrestling.net

Thoughts: TNA have a bigger roster than they need for their schedule, so it’s no surprise to see guys who aren’t featured heavily heading elsewhere. I don’t know whether the decision to leave was made my Neal or managment.