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Ring Of Honor Wrestling (episode 29) coverage & analysis

By Lee

This episode aired on Saturday, and was made available on the Ring Of Honor website ( http://rohwrestling.com ) for free today. 

- The show opened with a recap of last week’s Steen/Richards face off. Steen wanted a title shot, Cornette refused to grant it, but the champion had other ideas; “Bring your piledriver fat boy, I’ll shove your piledriver up your ass!”. Steen retorted but it was so censored that I couldn’t make it out. Davey responded to the response with a punch to the face. 

Thoughts: I missed last week’s show, but that looked like a good set up for Richards/Steen. Nice to see Davey showing some fire. 

Match 1: The Young Bucks vs TJ Perkins & Shiloh Jonze

Recap: Jonze and TJP got some offence in near the beginning, before the Bucks took over and worked over Jonze for a while. Business picked when TJP got the hot tag, which led to some cool spots, which continued when the rejuvenated Jonze tagged back in. Jonze went in for the kill on one of the Bucks with a diving move, but he met a superkick. More Bang For Your Buck sealed the fate of Jonze, as TJP was unable to make the save (he was down on the outside). 

Winners: The Young Bucks (pinfall after More Bang For Your Buck)

Thoughts: This was fun when it picked up down the stretch. The crowd weren’t into the new TJP/Jonze team, which could partly be due to neither of them getting any promo time, and partly due to the crowd being burned out since this was near the end of the taping (this was the last of about four episode taped in one day).

A video recap of the Mike Mondo/Matt Taven feud aired. 

Match 2: Mike Mondo vs Matt Taven

Recap: This one started hot as they traded strikes, before a Taven backdrop led ao an apparent anke injury for Mondo. The former Spirit Squad member rolled to the outside, removed his boot, before hobbling to the entrance ramp. Taven came out to tell him to get back in the ring, and Mondo proceeded to throw him repeatedly into the barricade; he was faking the ankle injury. Mondo continued to dominate back in the ring, then Taven ended up outside again. Mondo attempted a running senton from the apron, but Taven countered with a powerslam that brought the crowd to life. Another crowd pleasing spot was the brutal vertical suplex on the entrance ramp. They returned to the ring, and it looked like Taven had it won. Ultimately, Mondo dodged or countered (I couldn’t quite tell) a Taven dive, then finished him with a double arm DDT. 

Winner: Mike Mondo (pinfall after a double arm DDT)

Thoughts: If there was an award for “surprisingly good wrestling match of the week”, this would get it. Despite both guys being relatively unknown in ROH, the crowd really got behind it, they even chanted “that was awesome” afterwards. The powerslam counter to the senton was a very cool spot. Both men were impressive, they really upped their value in ROH with this one. 

- A video aired featuring footage from a press conference last week, which revolved around the “Border Wars” show in Canada. Kevin Steen interrupted and challenged for the world title. Cornette again said no, but Richards threatened to vacate the belt and leave for Japan if he didn’t book it. Cornette swore a few times, and confirmed the match for Border Wars. 

Main event: March Mayhem final four way: Jay Lethal vs Adam Cole vs Mike Bennett vs Tommaso Ciampa 

Recap: Lethal attacked Ciampa to start. Nothing much of note happened until Cole wiped out all three of his opponents with a diving cross body to the outside. The action really picked up with a great double elimination sequence; Lethal pinned Bennett after the Lethal Injection, then Ciampa knocked Lethal out with his running knee straight after. Only Ciampa and Cole remained, and Ciampa dominated for the most part, but Cole survived with various counters to the bigger man’s offence (the best of which was the superkick to avoid a third running knee in the corner). The finish came when Jay Lethal (who had returned to ringside as he was angry at Ciampa for knocking him out) inadvertently knocked the ropes, preventing Adam Cole from executing his diving cross body, so Ciampa capitalised with his brutal Project Ciampa finisher. 

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa (pinfall after Project Ciampa)

Thoughts: This was fairly pedestrian in the early going, but got really good from the double elimination sequence onwards. Ciampa and Cole worked the big guy vs underdog dynamic very well. Ciampa continues to impress me a lot, while Cole is doing his push justice with his solid work. 

- After the match, Ciampa was presented with a cheque for $24,000 (the prize for winning the March Mayhem tournament). 

Closing thoughts: This was a good episode, with storyline progression between Steen and Richards, a surprisingly strong match between Mondo and Taven, and an entertaining main event. 

I usually accompany my coverage of a show with a “The good, the bad and the questionable” review, but I think I’ve said all I have to say about this episode. 

Agree? Disagree? Let me know at indywrestling@hotmail.co.uk, or on Twitter @IWEnews

Ring Of Honor results (from last night)

Ring Of Honor held a show in Cincinnati last night. Here are the results: 

Michael Elgin defeated Adam Cole

Rise and Prove Tag Team Tournament Round One: Shiloh Jonze & Rudy Switchblade defeated Sean Casey & Chris Silvio

Rise and Prove Tag Team Tournament Round One: Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls defeated Alabama Attitude

No DQ: Roderick Strong defeated Eddie Edwards

Samson Walker defeated Mike Mondo

Rise and Prove Tag Team Tournament Final: Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls defeated Shiloh Jonze & Rudy Switchblade Side

Proving Ground: ROH TV champion Jay Lethal defeated BJ Whitmer

ROH Tag Team Championship: The Briscoes defeated Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly

Source: Gerweck.net

Thoughts: I expected Eddie Edwards to win his match, but apparently interference from the House Of Truth aided Strong with the victory. If you attended the show, feel free to send a review to indywrestling@hotmail.co.uk and I’ll share it here. 

- Lee

Line up for tonight’s episode of Ring Of Honor

- TJ Perkins vs Mike Mondo

- Briscoes promo

- Main event: Jay Lethal vs Mike Bennett for the ROH TV Championship

Thoughts: The Briscoes will cut a promo. Do you need any other reason to watch this show?