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Review - PWS: Refuse 2 Lose 2012

Thanks very much to Tony from http://www.shiningwizards.com for another great review. This one is from Pro Wrestling Syndicate: Refuse 2 Lose 2012, which took place on Friday the 4th of May. I’ll hand you over to him: 

I went to the PWS Refuse to Lose show in Rahway Friday night with my friend Pete and his nine year old son Pete. Here is what went down.

We arrived at the building around seven or so. There was a line for Bret Hart out the door, which meant he was there, which was a good thing. However, if he wasn’t there I was hoping we could all get his number and call him. But I’m glad he showed up. There were a few wrestlers in the lobby taking photos and selling stuff. Pretty much the same guys from last the show in March…however…there was one…one Wrestler that I didn’t remember seeing at the last show. Surrounded by fans…it was Virgil. This made me happy. For some reason I always got a kick out of Virgil. So that was a treat. Anyway, onto the show.

There were a few Prelim matches with some guys I didn’t catch the names of, but they were all pretty good. Pat Buck was in one of them, I believe it was a tournament match of some sort. He won and slapped little Pete’s hand which made him happy. Later on in the night Bret Hart bopped little Pete in the head which made Pete and I happy.

The REAL show began around 8:15 with Reality Check hitting the ring and Jay Lethal cutting an awesome heel promo. He makes a great heel. However, I thought it would be pretty damn cool if he was Black Machismo King and wore a crown while playing a heel. But either way Jay does the heel bit well. Even Red looked like a cocky arrogant SOB flipping off the crowd. Somewhere in a warehouse Don West Wept.

First match was QT Marshal V. Mike Dennis. Marshal reminded me of an old school heel wrestler you would see in the NWA. And he was a solid wrestler. Dennis picked up the win in a decent match.

Next up, Bret Hart comes out and does a little promo in the ring putting over the PWS and saying how great it was to be in a locker room with guys like Demoliton and Jannetty again. He looked good. Nice Ovation for Bret. Glad he was there.

A Tag Team Gauntlet match was next. Enhancement Talent were out first, and out next were…well the wrong music played first…but then….HERE COMES THE AX HERE COMES THE SMASH!!! Holy crap, the crazy thing is that most of the kids in the crowd were probably not even born yet when Demolition were together. But they were over HUGE. And I’m not going to lie, Ax looked good and Smash looked thinner than the last time I saw him. They made quick work of Enhancement Talent and finished them off with a Hart Attack. Next team was Mark Modest and Mark Matrix. The Demo got themselves DQ’D when they threw the ref around. What is it with these 80′s WWF tag teams hating on PWS ref’s. First the Powers of Pain, then Demolition. It would be funny if they had the Rock and Roll express there next show just kick the ever living crap out of one of the ref’s. Anyway, next team in was the Phat Pack…who were fat. But they were awesome. I like these guys. They take out the Marks and then they quickly destroy a team called Grave Encounters. The right team won this match and the crowd ate it up.

Dan Maff V. Red was next. These two know how to pace a match. Great stuff. Red hits a reverse Frankenstiener (I will always call it that) on Maff and it looked sick. The end saw Kevin Matthews (Who looks like a star) bop Maff on the head with a chair while the ref wasn’t looking. Red gets the win, and Maff looks hurt. Luckily this time he was okay. Unlike in March when he was REALLY hurt.

Here comes my favorite match of the night. Hardy V. Colt…V….TEDDY HART!!! First off, Matt is in great shape. And Teddy Hart! I have never seen this kid work live but I have seen some tapes. A lot of people say he’s hard to work with or whatever, but damn this kid can go. He took some crazy bumps to the outside. One bump looked pretty sick. He landed on the top of the guard rail. And PWS uses these pointy looking guard rails, so it looked pretty painful. Fun match…everyone worked great. Hart gets the win over Colt with the Canadian Destroyer. Looked awesome. Colt has balls to take that move. On a side note, Hardy told Colt to do the flying off the back Hardy splash into the corner. Colt stalled but finally agreed. First time he ran AROUND Matt…second time he jumped on Matt’s back and Hardy just flattened on the mat. Funny stuff.

One Warrior Nation was out next to take on Helter Skeltor. I enjoy OWN. Crowd gives him hell but damn I like the guy. OWN flips off the crowd after a nothing match.

But wait…it’s not over. Here comes the team of Pure Black. One of which is about 500 pounds and looks like Shirley from What’s Happening. This guy is awesome…he hits a top rope moonsault killing Mr. Helter and the crowd just goes nuts. They chant one more time…soooo he hits another in a different corner…the crowd chants again…so he hits a third. At this point, some officials and Teddy Hart scrape up this mess of a wrestler off the mat and take him to the back. The big guy who did the moonsaults is named Lucifer Darkside. How bad ass is that?

Kevin Matthews and Devon Moore are out next to take on the Young Bucks. Jesus, Kevin Matthews looks like a guy you would see on the top of the card in the WWE. He can talk, he has a great look and he can wrestle. And the Bucks are just so fluid with their moves. Good match. Matthews and Moore get the win. I wonder if Pat Buck is related to the Young Bucks.

Jerry Lynn V. Marty Jannetty was next. Marty put in a nice effort, but you can tell that it’s been a long time since he had to try and keep up with someone like Jerry Lynn. The match was decent, and Lynn won with a cross body reversal. After the match, Lynn told the crowd that he asked for this match and he was glad he got it. Thank you Jerry and Marty chants broke out. My buddy Pete had a tear in his eye.

Moving right along, we get Adam Cole, V. Brian XL V. Samuray Del Sol (WHO IS AMAZING!!!! Think Sin Cara but botch free, faster, and flashier) V. Zema Ion (TNA GUY who is fantastic) V. Two guys from Teddy Hart’s wrestling School. So it was a six man match with what I think were Lucha Rules. Anyway…fast paced action and great dive spots. This Del Sol is terrific! Del Sol picks up the win in the end with a springboard rana into a pin. (Like Rey used to do when he…you know, did moves and wasn’t suspended) I believe he pinned Brian XL.

Here come the ladies. Jillian Hall (Who looks to be in great shape) and her partner Reby Sky (Who I believe to be Matt Hardy’s lady friend) V. Maria Kanellis and Brittney Savage. Pretty much the usual Ladies Match. I was busy texting a picture someone took of Virgil and I to a few people so I wasn’t really paying attention.(I have a pretty good Virgil Story I’ll share on the next show) Reby and Jillian get the win.

At this point it was getting pretty late. Pete had to get up at five in the morning for work the next day and his son had to get up at eight for baseball practice, so we left. However Sami Callihan beat Lethal in the Main Event to retain the PWS title in what I hear was a great match.

All in all a much more enjoyable show than the Super Show in March. Hell, I even enjoyed One Warrior Nation. I would have loved to see the main event but people had to get up the next day. People and their stupid responsibilities like work and sports. This show was organized, it flowed, and the matches were great. Nothing pissed me off (Like the hardcore match from the March show). I’ll continue showing my support for these Rahway Rec. Center Shows, and I highly suggest you do the same. Thank you PWS for washing that horrible disgusting taste that the Extreme Reunion Show left in my mouth last week. And it’s always great to sit with Vicious Vin during these shows. Hopefully we will have him on the Shinging Wizards Podcast soon! See ya!

Commercial for tonight’s episode of Ring Of Honor

I’m in such a rush that I haven’t even had time to watch it, so I can’t offer any insight.

- Lee

Matches announced for next PWS show

The next Pro Wrestling Syndicate show will take place in Rahway, New Jersey the 2nd of May. The following matches have been announced:

Sami Callihan vs Jay Lethal

Matt Hardy vs Colt Cabana

Jerry Lynn vs Marty Jannetty

Demolition vs The Dream Team (Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake)

Maria Kannelis and Brittney Savage vs Jillian Hall and Reby Sky

Adam Cole vs Brian XL vs Samura Del Sol vs Zema Ion

Bret Hart will be appearing.

Thanks to Rob Hawkins for passing that along. 

Thoughts: Good stuff. I like how they provide a few legends, a bit of former TV talent, and some of the top indy guys. There’s something for everyone, and it exposes wrestlers to audiences that wouldn’t normally see them.

- Lee

Review - Ring Of Honor (episode 25)


Main event (Michael Elgin defeated Kyle O’Reilly in a Blind Destiny qualifier)

Great TV main event, that really showed how much these guys have improved since they arrived in ROH. The styles clash of Elgin’s power vs O’Reilly’s strikes and submissions worked very well. The only thing I didn’t like was the finish, when Elgin capitalised on Strong distracting O’Reilly to hit his final two moves. I don’t think O’Reilly would have lost any stature by taking a totally clean loss after such a strong back and forth contest. That said, it didn’t really take much away from a very entertaining, action packed match. 

Kevin Steen vs Adam Cole - Blind Destiny qualifier (Steen won)

I really enjoyed this one. The simple pre-tape promo set up that aired beforehand went a long way to get me invested in it (Cole cut a decent face promo, then Steen shone as usual). Cole wrestled very well in his first big TV singles opportunity, I feel this will have raised his stock significantly in the eyes of the TV audience. Steen was impressive, working his usual big-man-with-some-surprisingly-athletic-moves style to perfection. His Naruki Doi running senton to the corner is so awesome. 

Steen attempted to piledrive Cole after the match, but Eddie Edwards (Cole’s new partner) came to the rescue. The seeds for the Edwards/Steen feud going into Florida are planted.

Jay Lethal vs Kenny King - Blind Destiny qualifier (Lethal won)

A slick opening bout that probably would have been match of the night on any TV show put out by WWE or TNA. I really wanted to see King pull off the upset, that guy could be a star on his own, but alas, it wasn’t to be. 

Blind Destiny Challenge

The concept was that the winners of these qualifiers will go one on one with the world title triple threat participants (at Showdown In The Sun Day 1) on SITS Day 2, with the world title being on the line in whichever match featured the champion. Elgin will face Davey Richards, Steen will face Eddie Edwards, Lethal will face Roderick Strong.

This concept ensured that each match had meaning and big implications. It was a great way of selling a wrestling pay per view with wrestling rather than talking. 

Promos & PPV hype

Despite this episode featuring a ton of wrestling, they still fit in quite a few promos, and a significant amount of pay per view hype. Very well paced.  

Overall show

This was a great episode. It was focused on the wrestling, every match had a purpose, and the action was very good. It also hyped the upcoming pay per views effectively. Keep it up ROH! 


As I mentioned earlier, the only thing I didn’t like was Elgin winning his match after capitalising on O’Reilly’s distraction. That didn’t need to happen, but it wasn’t the end of the world or anything. 



Blank nameplate graphics kept appearing when people in the ring. Why? 

Agree? Disagree? Let me know at indywrestling@hotmail.co.uk, or on Twitter @IWEnews

- Lee

Ring Of Honor: Commercial for tonight’s episode

Tonight’s episode of Ring Of Honor is loaded, as it will feature three matches that will determine the participants in the “Blind Destiny Challenge”: Kevin Steen vs Adam Cole, Jay Lethal vs Kenny King, and Kyle O’Reilly vs Michael Elgin. 

Thoughts: That’s a potentially great episode lined up there, I look forward to it. My review will be up on Thursday or Friday, since ROH like to make it as hard as possible to watch their show online. 

- Lee

Pro Wrestling Syndicate results (from last night)

Pro Wrestling Syndicate: Supercard 2012 took place in Rahway, New Jersey last night. The advertised main event was Matt Hardy vs Psycho Sid Vicious, but Sid missed his flight, apparently due to his wallet being stolen, so the promoter phoned him in the ring at the start of the show, and gave out was supposedly Sid’s phone number to the booing crowd. 

Thoughts: How classy…

Jay Lethal was booked as Sid’s replacement.

Fall Count Anywhere: Balls Mahoney defeated Marty Janetty

Brett Gayika defeated CJ Esparza

Eddie Kingston defeated Kevin Matthews

PWS Tri-State Championship: Tony Nese retained against Alex Reynolds

Matt Hardy defeated Jay Lethal (as Psycho Sid)

Amazing Red won a 6 man match that also featured, AR Fox, Shiima Xion (Zema Ion), Gran Akuma, Devon Moore, Brian XL and Samuray Del Sol

One Warrior Nation defeated Smith James

PWS Tag Team Championship: The Lone Rangers (John Silver & Pat Buck) & The Powers Of Pain went to a no contest

Dan Maff defeated Jerry Lynn

Hardcore match: The Sheik defeated Masada

Source: http://www.2xzone.com

Thoughts: The card was loaded, I imagine this was a good show. If you attended, feel free to send a review to indywrestling@hotmail.co.uk and I’ll post it here. 

- Lee

Review - Ring Of Honor (episode 23)


Main event (Davey Richards retained the ROH world title against Jay Lethal)

Great action here, but it suffered from shenanigans. See “The Questionable” section for more details. 

Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs promos

Steen and Jacobs sold their pay per view grudge match very effectively with their promos. Steen’s comments about how he wants to see Jacobs return to his old, sick self make me suspect that we may see Jacobs turn to the dark side, and possibly even somehow end up aligning with Steen (after the match). Yes, I’m aware that’s a pretty farfetched prediction, but Steen seemed to plant the seeds for it. 

The Young Bucks vs Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander (The Bucks won)

Solid, fast paced tag team action, in which Caprice Coleman continued to shine. He delivered a strong promo before the match too. His team with Alexander continues to impress, they’ve grown on me a lot in the past few months. 

Tommaso Ciampa talking alone

Ciampa got to cut a promo, without Prince Nana are RD Evans talking at all! ROH must have read my review of last week’s show. Keep up the good work Ciampa. 

Overall show

It was a good episode, and there was some great action in the main event, but it’s in the questionable section due to some counterproductive booking. 


The only bad thing is the booking causing the babyface world champion to be booed, but see the next section for more on that. 


Main event (Davey Richards retained the ROH world title against Jay Lethal)

This match  would have been great, but the overbooking hurt it a lot. For a start, various rivals of the champion and challenger came out to watch the match at ringside, which was good in that it put over the importance of the match, but was bad since it was such a big distraction (perhaps it would have been okay had they been there from the start, but people kept coming out during the match, becoming the focus of the camera in the process). 

And then the ending. That was bad. The duelling chants early on showed that most of the crowd were in favour of Lethal, but it was a narrow margin. They were on fire as Lethal almost put Richards away near the end, but then Lethal’s finisher attempt (the handspring-from-the-ropes part of the Lethal Injection) was interrupted by Michael Elgin throwing Adam Cole into the apron, so Lethal stumbled back into a Richards kick to the head, which received no reaction from the crowd, before Davey got the pinfall to the sound of silence. He was even booed after the match. 

Losing clean to the world champion wouldn’t have harmed Lethal, but winning after shenanigans did hurt the world champion, especially since the crowd were already in favour of Lethal. An advantage ROH has over WWE and TNA is the usual lack of finishes like that, so to have it in what was only the second world title match to air on the new TV show is pretty bad.

All that said, the wrestling was great, and this could have been an early match of the year candidate if it wasn’t for all the overbooking. 

Agree? Disagree? Let me know at indywrestling@hotmail.co.uk, or on Twitter @IWEnews. Be sure to join me on Sunday as I cover the ROH 10th Anniversary show live, right here at Indy Wrestling Express! You can watch along for $10 over at http://gfl.tv

- Lee

Ring Of Honor results (from last night)

Ring Of Honor held a show in Cincinnati last night. Here are the results: 

Michael Elgin defeated Adam Cole

Rise and Prove Tag Team Tournament Round One: Shiloh Jonze & Rudy Switchblade defeated Sean Casey & Chris Silvio

Rise and Prove Tag Team Tournament Round One: Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls defeated Alabama Attitude

No DQ: Roderick Strong defeated Eddie Edwards

Samson Walker defeated Mike Mondo

Rise and Prove Tag Team Tournament Final: Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls defeated Shiloh Jonze & Rudy Switchblade Side

Proving Ground: ROH TV champion Jay Lethal defeated BJ Whitmer

ROH Tag Team Championship: The Briscoes defeated Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly

Source: Gerweck.net

Thoughts: I expected Eddie Edwards to win his match, but apparently interference from the House Of Truth aided Strong with the victory. If you attended the show, feel free to send a review to indywrestling@hotmail.co.uk and I’ll share it here. 

- Lee

Ring Of Honor line up (for tomorrow)

There will be a Ring Of Honor in the Cincinnati Masonic Centre tomorrow night. Here is the full card: 

ROH Tag Team Championship: The Briscoes (champions) vs ROH world champion Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly

Proving Ground: ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal vs BJ Whitmer

No Holds Barred: Eddie Edwards vs Roderick Strong

Michael Elgin vs Adam Cole

Rise & Prove Tag Team Tournament with

Shiloh Jonze & Rudy Switchblade

Sean Casey & Chris Silvio

Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls

Alabama Attitude (Mike Posey & Corey Hollis)

Mike Mondo vs Samson Walker

Thoughts: Strong card, as usual. If you attend the show, feel free to send a report/review to indywrestling@hotmail.co.uk, and I’ll post it here!

- Lee

Ring Of Honor TV title match announced

Jay Lethal will defend the ROH TV title against the undefeated Tommaso Ciampa at the Ring Of Honor 10th Anniversary show on March the 4th. The show, which will also feature Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly vs Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole, as well the Briscoes vs the Young Bucks (for the tag team championship), will air on live IPPV (for $10) over at http://www.gfl.tv

Thoughts: Ciampa is underrated, he’s my favourite of Ring Of Honor’s recent acquisitions (well, he’s been there nearly a year now, but you know what I mean). I predict he will win the belt and continue the streak, as he should. A Ciampa reign sounds a lot better than a Bennett reign to me too (though a Bennett reign would have the Maria advantage).

- Lee