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Results from #Demboys: Pro Wrestling Revival

Dem boys Jay and Mark Briscoe held their own wrestling show in Delaware on Friday the 4th of May. Here are the results: 

Pre show: 

PPW Tag Team Championship: American Standard (c) vs D-Line vs Pretty Ugly

- American Standard retained

Main show:

1) Homicide defeated Ryan McBride

2) Jigsaw vs Andy “Right Leg” Ridge vs Azireal vs Aden Chambers

- Azireal won

3) Mia Yim defeated Kimber Lee

4) Brute Force defeated Keno Murdoch

5) Zac Conner beat a jobber

6) APW champion Delirious defeated Greywolf

7) The Nigerian Nightmare beat two jobbers

8) Adam Flash defeated Eddie Kingston

9) No Holds Barred: Jay and Mark Briscoe defeated BLK OUT

Thanks to PWponderings for the results. You can read Chris GST’s detailed coverage at the following link: 


Thoughts: It was apparently a great show in front of a sold out crowd. I’m a big fan of dem boys, so I’m pleased it was such a success. 

- Lee

Live coverage of Ring Of Honor: 10th Anniversary

Lee here with live Ring Of Honor coverage. Keep refreshing this post for updates! 

* The show will start in a couple of minutes. 

* Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness are out to open the show. They say generic 10th Anniversary opening show things. All Night Express pre tape promo airing now. I can’t hear what they’re saying over the crowd. 

Match 1: All Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) vs Wrestling Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)

- WGTT worked over the just-back-from-injury Titus for a while, after the opening wrestling exchanges. King got the hot tag and cleared house, and it eventually ended up with everyone going at it. King and Benjamin traded various roll up covers near the end, until King got the three count. 

Winners: All Night Express (King pinned Benjamin with some sort of cradle pinfall)

Thoughts: Good opener. King was impressive as always, and I like Haas so much more since his heel turn. 

Match 2: Homicide vs Mike Bennett (w/Maria)

- Bennett is riling the crowd up. The crowd are chanting “CM Punk” (he’s Maria’s ex).

Thoughts: Bennett and Haas are the best heels ROH has. Oh, and Maria looks amazing, as always. 

- Bennett is apparently going to crap on everyone. I hope he doesn’t mean that literally.

- Homicide runs out and the match begins. 

- The match was back and forth for the most part. The highlight was Brutal BoB sacrificing himself and taking a senton from Homicide. Eventually, Homicide paid homage to CM Punk, doing his taunts and hitting the GTS on Bennett. Maria tried going for him afterwards, but Brutal Bob held her back. Bennett rolled Homicide up for the three count while he was distracted. 

Winner: Mike Bennett (roll up)

Thoughts: Decent match. Bennett is a great heel, and it makes up for him not quite being on the same level as the other ROH guys when it comes to wrestling ability.

- Homicide cut a promo afterwards, and wished ROH a happy birthday.  

- CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston is here. He has the belt with him. Kingstong was about to challenge Davey Richards, but Kevin Steen’s music interrupted. Steen is here now. 

- Steen invited Kingston to align with him and tear ROH and CHIKARA apart. Kingston declined because he loves CHIKARA, and ROH is great. Steen said CHIKARA was a bullshit Mickey Mouse promotion. Kingston was outraged. Steen attacked him. They were separated, then the CHIKARA roster entered and attacked Steen. I see The Colony, but I can’t make out if anyone else is there. They brawled all the way out to the back, and that was the last we saw of it. 

Thoughts: Good segment. Kingston was great, and the CHIKARA guys attacking was a nice surprise. 

Match 3: Amazing Red & TJ Perkins vs House Of Truth (Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin)

- TJ showed off some flashy wrestling to begin, there was a really good segment with Red trying to outmanoeuvre Elgin, then eventually it broke down into great, fast paced highspot driven action, until House Of Truth finished Red  with their Alabama Slam/Backcracker double team move. 

Winners: Strong & Elgin (Alabama Slam/Backcracker + pinfall on Red)

Thoughts: Very good match, definitely the best of the show so far. Elgin worked the beast/little guy dynamic well with both of his opponents. The action down the stretch was top notch.

Match 4: ROH TV Championship - Jay Lethal (c) vs Tommaso Ciampa

- Ciampa took control a few minutes in. After some running knees to the corner, Lethal’s fighting spirit kicked in and he nailed Ciampa with a superkick. Letha’s comeback was halted when Ciampa landed a brutal looking Kryptonie Crunch (I think it’s the same as CIMA’s Schwein) on the apron. They beat the twenty count and made it back into the ring. The time limit expired while they were trading punches. 

Result: Time Limit Draw, Lethal retains

- After the match, Lethal wanted five more minutes, but Ciampa beat him up, nailed him wit hhis finisher, and stole the belt. 

Thoughts: The match was good, and got very heated down the stretch, but the lack of a satisfying finish was very frustrating, especially since it’s on pay per view. I get that they didn’t want Ciampa’s streak to end, but I don’t see why they didn’t just put the belt on him. 


- They’re playing classic ROH footage. We’ve seen highlights of the triple threat to crown the first champion, Danielson vs Homicide from Final Battle 2006 and more so far.

Thoughts: Awesome. 

Match 5: ROH Tag Team Championship - Jay & Mark Briscoe (champions) vs The Young Bucks

- Lots of stuff happened. It went back and forth, everyone hit big spots, Mark bled a bit from the mouth, and it all ended after Dem Boys evaded More Bang For Your Buck, sent one of the Bucks from the top rope to the outside, then finished the other with the Doomsday Device. 

Winners: The Briscoes (Jay pinned a Buck after the Doomsday Device)

Thoughts: Pretty good match, with all the crazy action you’d expect. The other tag match is still Match Of The Night so far though. 

Match 6: No DQ - Kevin Steen vs Jimmy Jacobs

- They’re running an intro package, but the entrances after started during it. Some bad miscommunication there.

- Corino tried to stop the match from happening, and he thought Jacobs was on the same page, but Jacobs attacked Steen to kick things off, before abandoning his coat to reveal his Age Of The Fall attire. The trenchcoat still had the Briscoes’ blood on it, which was a nice touch. 

- Various backdrops on the apron and the barricades, a Jacobs tornado DDT to Steen onto a barricade, a Jacobs spear to Steen to through a table, this match was filled with all the crazy hardcore spots you’d expect. Near the end, Steen had Jacobs beat with the F-Cinq, but chose not to pin because he wanted to do it again onto two chairs set up in the middle of the ring. Jacobs escaped, and rammed a spike into Steen’s face, busting him open. Jacobs felt guilty and ceased his attack, which allowed Steen to regain control and finish him with the F-Cinq onto the chairs. 

Winner: Kevin Steen (pinfall after F-Cinq onto two upright chairs) 

Thoughts: A well executed hardcore grudge match. ROH is one of the only places that does these ECW throwback matches well these days, which has a lot to do with how they only use them in the context of a big feud. 

Main Event: Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly vs Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole

- This one was long, and lots of stuff happened, too much for me to document.  The ending stretch saw Cole give O’Reilly a tornado DDT through a table on the outside, before Eddie tagged him back in, when he immediately landed a diving crossbody on Richards and rolled through to the cover. He got the 3 count! 

Winners: Adam Cole and Eddie Edwards (Cole pinned Richards with a diving crossbody)

Thoughts: The match was very well wrestled, but it just didn’t feel huge for the most part. The crowd were sometimes hot, sometimes quiet. I feel making it the main event of this show burdened it, since it meant it had to go longer than it should have, and it didn’t have the animosity or the stakes required for a main event of such magnitude. That said, it was an entertaining contest, and the pinfall over the world champion has rocketed Cole, the man who was originally an afterthought in this feud, to the upper echelons of ROH. That tornado DDT (from the top rope through the table to O’Reilly) really got him over with the crowd too. Congratulations Adam! 

- Post match, Davey put over his opponents, but Kyle declared that he doesn’t respect either of them. Kevin Steen interrupted! 

- Steen talked for a while, the only thing he says of particular interest is that he will be Davey Richards’s personal nightmare until Davey persuades Jim Cornette to give him a shot at the world title. 

- Steen disappeared, O’Reilly stormed out of the ring, and Davey looked troubled while Steen’s music played and the show ended. 

Closing thoughts: It was good, but there wasn’t anything particularly spectacular about it. I’d say it was a solid night of wrestling that was worth the £6.50 that I spent, but not an essential show to add to your DVD collection. I’d probably rate it a lot higher had the main event came off better, but it was a somewhat flat climax to a strong show (though the actual climax of the main event was very good). The high octane TJP/Red/Strong/Elgin tag bout was the match of the night.

Thanks for following along with me tonight, and be sure to stop by for my Ring Of Honor 10th Anniversary “The good, the bad and the questionable” review tomorrow! Feel free to discuss the show with me on Twitter @IWEnews.

- Lee

Haste & Nichols meet the Briscoes (video)

After winning the “Rise And Prove” tag team tournament, Australian team Shane Haste and Mikey Nicholls walked into the Ring Of Honor tag team champions the Briscoes backstage. According to Jay, Haste & Nicholls “ain’t proved shit” yet. The tournament winners will receive a tag team title shot at the Briscoes in Florida (in March), but I’m not sure which of the two shows it will be at yet. 

- Lee

The Briscoes vs D-Line (1CW Tag Championship - video)

On Saturday, D-Line challenged the Briscoes for the 1CW tag team championship. The match is now on Youtube: 

There is also a documentary on D-Line, which you can watch here:


Thanks very much to D-Line for passing those along. You can follow them on Twitter @DLINEBLKRED

Thoughts: Very good match with a very hot crowd. I haven’t watched the documentary yet, but I’m sure that’s well worth checking out too. Keep your eyes on D-Line!

- Lee

A promo from the Briscoes

This Friday, Jay and Mark Briscoe will defend the Ring Of Honor tag team championship against the world champion Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly. They some words for their opponents and their MMA training here: 

Thoughts: It was brilliant, just like ever Briscoes promo. 

- Lee

Ring Of Honor line ups (for this weekend)

Ring Of Honor: The Homecoming 2012 @ Philadelphia, PA

January 20th 2012 (8:00pm) Pennsylvania National Guard Armory 2700 Southampton Road Philadelphia 19154

ROH World Championship: ROH World Champion Davey Richards vs Jay Lethal

No Holds Barred: Eddie Edwards vs Roderick Strong

Chris Hero vs Michael Elgin

Kevin Steen vs Kenny King

Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas) vs Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly)

Proving Ground: ROH World Tag Team Champions The Briscoes vs Jigsaw & Hallowicked

Four Corner Survival: Tommaso Ciampa vs Mike Bennett vs Andy “Right Leg Ridge vs Grizzly Redwood

+ Steve Corino will discuss his future plans with ROH

Ring Of Honor @ Norfolk, VA

January 21st 2012 (7:30pm), Norfolk Scope Arena (Exhibition Hall) 201 E. Brambleton Ave Norfolk 23510

Team Richards (ROH World Champion Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly) vs The House of Truth (Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin)

- The winning team will receive a tag title shot on February 17th

Kevin Steen vs Adam Cole

ROH Tag Team Championship: The Bricoes (c) vs Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman

"Survival of the Fittest 2011" Rematch: Eddie Edwards vs Mike Bennett

Proving Ground: ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal vs Tommaso Ciampa

Kenny King vs Andy “Right Leg” Ridge

Thoughts: Two solid line ups there, as usual. Getting to go one on one with the hottest star in the company, Kevin Steen, will be great for Adam Cole and Kenny King. The roster looks so much stronger with Steen back in the fold. If you attend either show, feel free to send a report/review to indywrestling@hotmail.co.uk and I’ll post it here.

- Lee

Review - Ring Of Honor Wrestling (episode 6)


Roderick Strong vs Kyle O’Reilly (Strong won)

Great opener. The simple story of Strong facing Davey’s friend worked very well. This one really elevated O’Reilly, who we haven’t seen much of in singles competition, as he looked like a believable threat to the former world champion. 

Roderick Strong’s personality

I’ve always thought Roderick Strong was a great worker, but he lacked charisma. That is no longer the case; I believe he is growing into his cocky heel persona very well. The pre-taped pre-match promos are doing wonders for him. 

The Briscoes vs ANX (The Briscoes won) 

Still no specific mention of ladder war 3, and this one was a number one contender’s match, despite ANX already having a shot at the titles lined up. Anyway, it was a solid main event nonetheless. People have commented on how the straight wrestling TV matches between these teams haven’t lived up to the brawls they have had elsewhere, but Kevin Kelly covered for this by saying neither team wanted to get disqualified (so they could get a shot at the titles).

Tommaso Ciampa vs Alex Silva (Ciampa won)

This one was more competitive than the straight squash I expected, but I suppose that makes sense since Silva is a big dude, not your average jobber material. More good stuff from Ciampa. 


This episode flowed very well, and having three matches rather than two prevented the middle section of the show from feeling too filler-ish. 

Steve Corino’s commentary

Steve Corino had a brief stint on commentary during the Ciampa match, in which he showed that he should probably be sitting in Nigel’s seat permanently. 

Overall show

Another entertaining episode of Ring Of Honor wrestling! The new series continues to impress. 


Nothing bad about this show that I recall. 


Nigel Mcguinness’ commentary

Great wrestlers don’t necessarily make great commentators. Nigel’s work in the booth has been uninspiring so far, and the lack of drama in his commentary seems to take away more than it adds to a match at times. Hopefully he will improve. 

Agree? Disagree? Let me know at indywrestling@hotmail.co.uk, or on Twitter @IWEnews

- Lee