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Indy wrestler signed by WWE

Lordsofpain.net reported the following:

”- The Independent Wrestling Federation has announced that Flex Freeman, who has been wrestling just over a year, has been signed by WWE to a developmental deal. Freeman is 6’ 5” and 310 lbs, hailing from New Jersey.”

You can view his biography (with photos) on the IWF website: http://campiwf.com/flexfreeman.html

Thoughts: Congratulations Flex Freeman. Have any of our readers seen him wrestle before?

Interestingly, there is another “Independent Wrestling Federation” local to me. They should have a cross promotional feud over who owns the rights to the name.

  1. televisomnia said: I haven’t seen him wrestle. PWinsider reported this too. From the photos I’ve seen, he’s got a great look and is easy on the eyes. I do hope that he can wrestle and talk too.
  2. chellegenerico said: >who has been wrestling just over a year >signs guys who have barely been wrestling a year >doesn’t sign guys who have been wrestling for nearly ten years
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