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NWA Hollywood Episode 42 coverage

The main event will be Scorpio Sky vs Peter Avalon. The show will also feature the reutn of Adam Pearce.

- There will be free beer at their show this Sunday. That’s awesome. 

Match 1: Buggy vs Kitana Vera

- Kitana is the bigger woman, Buggy is the hot one. Apparently Buggy is the more established wrestler on this show. Match has been good so far.

Winner: Buggy (via pinfall after running Bulldog)

Thoughts: Decent match from the ladies. I like the contrast in appearances. 

- Candice Loray attacked Buggy post match, furthering their feud.

- Los Luchas interview. 

NWA Heritage Tag Team Championship Match: The Tribe vs Natural Selection (champions)

- These teams main evented in a title match a few weeks ago. 

- Nice botch, one of Natural Selection failled to perform a top rope DDT on Hawaiian Lion.

Winners: The Tribe (via countout, no title change)

Thoughts: Pretty lame. Shit ending with Natural Selection just walking out. Odd booking, especially since it’s their second title match. On a positive note, the Tribe are kind of growing on me. 

- Some people are cutting a promo. 

- Joey Ryan is here. The people want him to join their crew. 

- Colt is coming! 

- This is going on quite a while. Colt is getting beat up now.

- I just noticed Adam Pearce is on commentary. He’s going to help beat Colt up. Actually, I predict he’s going to turn face and make the save.

- Pearce turned face and made the save.

Main Event: “Pretty” Peter Avalon vs Scorpio Sky (TV title tournament match)

Winner: Scorpio Sky (via pinfall after a Fireman’s carry into a jumping cutter)

Thoughts: Good main event that saved the show. I love Sky’s finisher. 

Check back tomorrow for the review! 

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