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PWG Ten Recap/Review


By Chad Simplicio

(10th Anniversary Show, American Legion Post #308, Reseda, CA, USA)

Another capacity crowd filled the legion hall, and the action got started at around 9:10pm PDT.

1 - Willie Mack, B-Boy, & Candice LeRae def. Joey Ryan, Ryan Taylor, & Peter Avalon

A very strong opener that featured plenty of great action, and Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae essentially picked up where they had left off before Joey’s brief stint in TNA—boobplex & ballplex. What really made it interesting was the inadvertent strike by Ryan Taylor……….ONTO SCOTT LOST! The retired wrestler turned comic artist later got some payback by hitting an Ace Crusher or Diamond Cutter onto Ryan Taylor on the apron. Willie Mack scored the pin on “PPA” with the piledriver.

2 - Brian Cage p. Anthony Nese

Brian Cage got the win with Weapon X, although Anthony Nese had a very solid PWG debut, and just his second match in So Cal after his regional debut at the inaugural Wrestling Cares show last April.

3 - Forever Hooligans (Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov) def. The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime)

Great action once it really got going, and Rocky & Alex’s IWGP Tag Team titles were in full display. The Hooligans hit a team finisher on Johnny Yuma, with Rocky Romero scoring the pin while Alex Koslov dove out of the ring from the corner to take down Goodtime.

4 - Michael Elgin p. AR Fox

Great back-and-forth action that eventually tipped in Elgin’s favor with those hard right backhands that pretty much stunned AR Fox, and that was enough for Elgin to hit what looked like a Falcon Arrow or Michinoku Driver from the middle rope for the pin.

5 - Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano def. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

More great back-and-forth action that ended with “Chuckie T” & Gargano hitting a team finisher on Brian Kendrick, with Gargano scoring the pin.

6 - Kyle O’Reilly def. T.J. Perkins

This match earns the “most technical wrestling match of the night” honor, with some fantastic mat wrestling to start it off. Both men traded signature moves, but Kyle landed his furious finishing combo late—a German Suplex into a Brainbuster, into the Cross Armbreaker submission for the tapout.

SM - Guerrilla Warfare match. Adam Cole def. Kevin Steen & Drake Younger to retain the PWG World Championship.

1 table, plenty of chairs, a trash can with a lid, and a traffic cone were used in this match. Once again, Adam Cole had to take all kinds of punishment from both Steen & Drake, picking a spot late, even after eating a Top Turnbuckle Brainbuster from Steen, which drew an “Ole!” pop in honor of El Generico (NXT’s Sami Zayn). Drake hit the Drake’s Landing on Cole, but Cole managed to reverse the cover for the pin to escape with the title.

M - Ladder Match. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) def. Dojo Bros. (Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards) & Inner City Machine Guns (Ricochet & Rich Swann) to retain the PWG World Tag Team Championship.

3 ladders and a table were used in this one, including a big ladder that almost touched the ceiling, and got the supports bent very badly but held enough for all the spots. Great spots from all three tag teams, including Ricochet clearing the steel post and a mid-sized ladder for a Corner Suicide Dive. In the end, it would fall in the favor of The Young Bucks, especially after Nick Jackson hit a Sunset Flip Powerbomb over a ladder to put Rich Swann through the table. The brothers then “started the Superkick Party”, taking down Roddy & Eddie late for Nick to grab the title.

Lots of fun to watch, even with the champs prevailing. Roddy, then Excalibur, acknowledged the capacity crowd for helping make PWG the wrestling company that it is today—a promotion that started out with 7 wrestlers doing it as an experiment that would eventually thrive on the support of the fans, and evolve into one of the world’s premier indy companies. The trash can lid that was used in the Guerrilla Warfare match was autographed by the wrestlers & Referees Rick Knox & Patrick Hernandez, and given to “Legion Larry”. I’ll give my choice for match of the night to the ladder match, followed by the Guerrilla Warfare match, then the Kyle O’Reilly/TJP match.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla “Is Your Body Ready?” Recap

6/15/13 Pro Wrestling Guerrilla “Is Your Body Ready?” Recap
American Legion Post #308, Reseda, CA, USA

By Chad Simplicio

Another capacity crowd filled the legion hall to see Samuray Del Sol & Sami Callihan wrap up their indie bookings before heading to NXT.

Started at approx. 9:15pm PDT, ended at approx. 1:00am PDT

Excalibur’s Guests at the DVD Commentary Table: Referee Rick Knox, Kevin Steen, Sami Callihan, & Chuck Taylor

1 - The Unbreakable F’ing Machines (Michael Elgin & Brian Cage) def. The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime)

Fantastic opener that started off with the RockNES Monsters duo trying to get an early jump on their bigger opponents, but their attempts at a double vertical-suplex turned into a 1-min. double delayed vertical suplex by Elgin & Cage. Great back-and-forth action ended w/ Cage & Elgin hitting their signature moves, w/ Elgin finishing it off w/ his big finisher on Yuma for the pin.

2 - Kyle O’Reilly got a submission victory over Davey Richards

Personally, this was almost like their Wrestling Cares Association match last April, without the draw in that 10-min. Ironman Match. Fantastic clinic on technical wrestling, combined with some great exchange of moves. Kyle O’Reilly managed to roll out of the Ankle Lock attempt by Davey Richards, then got in some sweet set-up moves to roll it into an armbar submission to force the tapout.

3 - The Dojo Bros. (Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards) def. Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor

Great mix of serious wrestling & comedy brought about by “Chuckie T”. Roddy & Eddie got the initiative late, with Eddie taking care of Chuck with the Top Rope Double-Stomp on the apron, allowing Roddy to hit the DBR Backbreaker on Gargano for the pin.

4 - Drake Younger p. Kevin Steen with the Backslide

A total brawlfest that saw both men do plenty of battling outside the ring. When Referee Rick Knox got knocked down late, however, PWG Champion Adam Cole rushed in, smacking the title belt upside Steen’s head. Drake managed to evade a similar move by Cole, hitting his finisher on Cole, then eventually got the Backslide cover for the pin.

SM - (After intermission) PWG Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) def. AR Fox & Samuray Del Sol

More fantastic tag team action from all four men, but it was the Brothers Jackson who got it going last, hitting “More Bang for Your Buck” to allow Matt to pin Samuray.

M - 60-minute Ironman Match between PWG Champion Adam Cole, & Sami Callihan (times are approximate)

* 10’, 11’, & 12’ - Adam Cole scored a rollup pin off a low blow behind the back of Referee Rick Knox, then did another rollup pin, then one more pin with the shoulderbreaker to the knee (3 points total).

* 30’ - Sami Callihan got on the board with the Muffler submission, then a STF submission for 2 quick points.

* 32’ - Sami got in 2 quick sit-down covers for pinfalls.

* 38’ - Cole scored a pin with the Florida Keys.

* 44’ - Cole scored another pin with the Code Red or Canadian Destroyer.

* 49’ - Sami scored a pin with the Lariat.

* 57’ - Cole with a reversal pin, then refused to tapout in the final minute when Sami put him in submission holds, including the Muffler.

FINAL SCORE: Adam Cole wins 6-5 to retain the title.

Some of the wrestlers in the back hit the ring after Kevin Steen chased off Adam Cole. Kevin Steen mic’d it up, telling Sami to give his regards to Sami Zayn (El Generico) when he goes to NXT. Sami then gave some final words, and that was how the show ended.

PWG will be having 3 shows in August. 8/9 is likely to be their 10th Anniversary Show, while 8/29 & 8/30 is likely to be the 2013 Battle of Los Angeles Tournament. Details should come later this month or in July.

PWG DDT4 live review


1/12/2013, American Legion Post #308, Reseda, California, USA

By Chad Simplicio

Despite the cold snap that has gripped California, another capacity crowd filled the hall for the annual tournament. In addition to El Generico wrestling in his final night for the promotion before moving up to WWE, this time, the defending tag team champions—The Super Smash Bros.—were in the tournament. Therefore, the tag team titles were on the line throughout the tournament.


1 - The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) def. The Inner City Machine Guns (Ricochet & Rich Swann). Although Nick Jackson ate Ricochet’s Corner Suicide Dive, Matt Jackson was able to time his counter to Rich Swann’s signature move, getting his knees up to gut him, then rolled him up for the pin.

2 - The Unbreakable F’ing Machines (Brian Cage & Michael Elgin) def. The Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied) to hold the tag team titles for the time being. Player Uno legitimately injured his left shoulder, most likely when he took a Suicide Dive onto Cage & Elgin, which saw him apparently bump into the legs of Stupefied, but it would later be reported that he was fine. In the meantime, Michael Elgin p. Stupefied w/ his Spinning Powerbomb.

3 - Future Shock (PWG Champion Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly) def. The Dojo Bros. (Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards). Despite getting a huge chop to the groin area—which he seemed to provoke Roddy to do w/ a verbal taunt—Adam Cole managed to p. Roddy w/ a title belt shot to the head behind the back of Referee Rick Knox, who was checking on Eddie Edwards & Kyle O’Reilly when they spilled over the top rope, and onto the floor in Vertical Suplex holds.

4 - Kevin Steen & El Generico def. Jay & Mark Briscoe. Who knew that after a few weeks removed from ROH Final Battle 2012, that Steen & Generico would set aside their differences for one night…..technically. Hard-hitting action that ended when El Generico p. Mark Briscoe w/ a Victory Roll to evade the Doomsday Device. Best match of the first round.


5 - After intermission, The Young Bucks def. The Unbreakable F’ing Machines to begin their 3rd run w/ the PWG Tag Team titles, at least up to the Final. Nick Jackson managed to sneak up behind Michael Elgin, who went for his finisher on Matt Jackson, to get the Crucifix Rollup for the pin.

6 - Kevin Steen & El Generico def. Future Shock. Right from the start, Kevin Steen went after Adam Cole, as the two teams brawled outside the ring. In the end, it was Steen who hit the Package Piledriver on Cole, then rolled him over to El Generico, who finished it off w/ the Brainbuster for the pin.


7 - Willie Mack p. B-Boy w/ the Chocolate Thunderbomb. Not much to say about this short match, but it was pretty even, and hard-hitting, even though a seemingly botched STO from B-Boy made Willie go head-first to the mat, dangerously close to the turnbuckles.

SM - Match 2 of the Sami Callihan/Drake Younger Best of 3 Series to determine the #1 Contender to the PWG Championship, and it was contested under Last Man Standing Rules. Alot of chairs and a roadside cone were used in the hardcore match, and once again, Drake Younger got busted open. However, Drake managed to KO Sami w/ a series of hard forearm shots, and this was after he took alot of chair shots to the head.


M - The Young Bucks v. Kevin Steen & El Generico. More hard-hitting action, and it was hard at the start to keep an eye on both halves of the action, as they brawled all over the place. Great exchanges from the duo, but somehow, Matt Jackson was able to reverse the cover on El Generico after eating Steen’s Package Piledriver to eek out the win.


Strange as it may seem after all they’ve been through, Kevin Steen looked like he wasn’t going to shake El Generico’s hand, but in the end, he came back into the ring, and gave him a “bury the hatchet” hug (if you could call it that way). Rick Knox and most of the wrestlers from the back, as well as Excalibur, joined “The Generic Luchador” in the ring, and El Generico gave one last promo to close it out. Now here’s the thing. If WWE can fully recognize El Generico’s incredible pain threshold, combined w/ his great wrestling & entertainment abilities, I can envision him needing only a year or two in NXT before joining the main roster, regardless of which name he’s given, or whether or not he wrestles w/ a mask. If they can use him well like they have Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, & Seth Rollins, who knows how far they can go w/ him. That is my view.

Live report from PWG: Mystery Vortex

Thanks to Chad for another great PWG review!


By Chad Simplicio

A capacity crowd braved the wet, wintry weather that has been rolling over California for the last few days, to be among those who witness some significant events in the West Coast’s top indy promotion to close out the year. A couple of the talents scheduled to be at the show didn’t make their flight to L.A., so there were a few changes to the card.

1 - Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards def. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) when Roddy & Eddie hit a team finisher on whom I believe to be Matt Jackson. A very strong opener w/ plenty of great tag team action.

2 - Sami Callihan made Drake Younger tapout to a modified version of his Kneebreaker/Heel Hook submission. Another strong singles match that saw Drake Younger get his head busted open during the match, and the series of headbutts didn’t help much either.

* Adam Cole comes out to cut an in-ring promo, holding Kevin Steen’s PWG Championship title. Kevin Steen came to the ringside area from the commentary table w/ Excalibur, and responded w/ a surprise of his own, since the card as a whole was generally a mystery. Their title match would be……..A GUERRILLA WARFARE MATCH.

3 - The Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied) successfully defended the PWG Tag Team Championship, beating The RockNES Monsters (Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime), who were continuing their slow heel turn. Great tag team match ended w/ SSB hitting the Fatality on Johnny Yuma, w/ Player Uno scoring the pin. Excalibur himself hit the ring after the match, telling the tag team champions that they would do one more match, a non-title match later that night against Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards.

4 - Joey Ryan did his final PWG match to wrap up his indy bookings prior to joining TNA full time, but came up short against Scorpio Sky (TNA’s Mason Andrews) when eating a Big Fat Kill/Headscissors DDT/Ace of Spades combo. Joey Ryan talked about his time w/ PWG afterwards, and said that he would plan to come back whenever his TNA schedule allows him to do so.

5 - Crazy Fatal Four-Way after intermission. Willie Mack def. T.J. Perkins, B-Boy, & Brian Cage. T.J. Perkins had Brian Cage in a STF submission, but Referee Justin Borden only saw Willie Mack hit his Spike Piledriver finisher on B-Boy for the pin.

6 - El Generico p. Rich Swann w/ the Hallula Kick into a Modified Butterfly Suplex, ending what was the 2nd best match of the card.

SM - Non-title Tag Team Match. Eddie Edwards & Roderick Strong def. The Super Smash Bros when Eddie Edwards p. Stupefied w/ the Top Rope Double-Stomp, and he did plenty of those in this match. I wonder if those two earned a title shot, preferably at the 1/12/13 show back in Reseda.

M - Guerrilla Warfare Match for the PWG Championship between Kevin Steen & Adam Cole. 2 ladders, 8 chairs, an aluminum trash can, and a container of thumbtacks were used in this one. Adam Cole went through alot of painful spots—4 crotch rockets to all steel post corners of the ring, 4 powerbombs to the apron, then eating a huge slam to the stack of 8 chairs. In the end, “The Panama City Playboy” overcame all of that, hitting a huge Suplex on Steen to put him on the pile of thumbtacks, then hit a Straitjacket German Suplex for the pin, and legitimately win the PWG Championship.

A very strong card to close out the year, but their “Threemendous III” show last July was my top PWG show of the year. It’ll be interesting to see how far Adam Cole will go w/ the PWG title, and there will be plenty of opponents coming his way. As for what could be ahead for the promotion w/o Joey Ryan being there regularly, it shouldn’t be that hard for someone to come forward and fill the void, especially as we approach the promotion’s 10th Anniversary show in the Summer of 2013.

Review: PWG Battle Of Los Angeles 2012

Chad Simplicio is back with another excellent live PWG review, of this past weekend’s Battle Of Los Angeles! I’ll hand you over to him:


American Legion Post #308, Reseda, California, United States

By Chad Simplicio

A capacity crowd was on hand for Night 1, and about 80-90% of them returned for Night 2. Out of the 5 consecutive BoLA tournaments that I have gone to, the outcome of the tournament matches were the most surprising of them all, and there were multiple times where—even from the 2nd Row—the action outside the ring were too close for comfort, and most of them didn’t move far enough. In addition, with a good number of wrestling fans coming in from places further out than Las Vegas or Arizona, including some alleged CZW fans; it brought quite an extraordinary atmosphere to the PWG venue, ticking off a few of the wrestlers & other fans along the way. Once again, Excalibur, who was on crutches due to an injured right knee, had to remind the fans NOT TO TAILGATE OR BRING IN ALCOHOLIC DRINKS at the premises of the legion hall.

Referees: Sparky Ballard & Justin Borden (Why no Rick Knox? Read down!)

Excalibur’s guest commentators: Joey Ryan, Kevin Steen, Davey Richards, & Roderick Strong

ROUND 1 MATCHES HELD ON NIGHT 1 — Saturday, September 1

1 - T.J. Perkins p. Joey Ryan w/ the Superkick, followed by what looked like a Modified GTS.

2 - Roderick Strong p. Drake Younger w/ the Death By Roderick, followed by a Butterfly Suplex in a match where the crowd got really hot for the see-saw, hard-hitting action.

3 - Eddie Edwards made Kyle O’Reilly tapout to the Single-Leg Boston Crab submission, w/ the stomps to the side of the head. Another match where the crowd got hot, and Kyle gave it everything he had w/ the injured torso or lower back.

4 - Brian Cage p. B-Boy w/ what looked like his “Weapon X” finisher in a slow but methodical match.

5 - Non-title match that was held after intermission. Ricochet p. PWG Champion Kevin Steen w/ the Corkscrew Moonsault. Brian Cage ran in late in the match to distract Kevin Steen. While “Mr. GMSI” ate the Package Piledriver, his distraction was enough for Ricochet to take advantage, leading to the final outcome.

6 - Sami Callihan p. Willie Mack w/ the 3rd Running Lariat or Clothesline in a hard-hitting match.

SM - Adam Cole p. El Generico w/ a rollup to counter the Ground Briainbuster attempt in another wild & crazy match—one that brought quite the applause from Kevin Steen on commentary w/ Excalibur.

M - Michael Elgin p. Davey Richards w/ the pair of powerbombs—first to the corner, then the spin to the mat. Very hot crowd reaction to the see-saw, hard-hitting action that easily made it the best match of the first round, including one crazy spot where Michael Elgin held Davey Richards in a 1-min. Delayed Vertical Suplex!

NIGHT 2 — Sunday, September 2


1 - Sami Callihan made T.J. Perkins tapout to his version of Claudio Castagnoli’s (WWE’s Antonio Cesaro) Neutralizer submission.

2 - Adam Cole p. Eddie Edwards w/ a Modified German Suplex in which Cole crossed Eddie’s arms at the wrist. Great see-saw action.

3 - Michael Elgin p. Brian Cage w/ the pair of powerbombs to the mat, well after doing another Delayed Vertical Suplex that was clocked at approximately 1:06. Not sure what happened afterwards since I took the break between match to hit the restroom, but it appeared as if Cage was upset at the loss, and then it seemed as if The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)….HAD ATTACKED SENIOR REFEREE RICK KNOX BACKSTAGE AND BROUGHT HIM TO THE RING…only to be broken up by El Generico. This set up a big tag team grudge match later in the night.

4 - Ricochet p. Roderick Strong w/ the Shooting Star Press to cap what looked like the best match of the quarterfinals, because the crowd were the hottest for it.

5 - 6-man tag team action. Willie Mack, B-Boy, & Drake Younger def. Joey Ryan, Davey Richards, & Kyle O’Reilly. Willie led his “posse of Ghetto-clad wrestlers”, while Joey Ryan led his “sleazy recruits” who donned other Joey Ryan trunks. Wild mix of comedy & wrestling, which ended w/ a flurry, capped w/ Willie Mack p. Davey Richards w/ the Piledriver. After the bell, one of the alleged CZW fans really drew the ire of Joey Ryan.


6 - Adam Cole made Sami Callihan tapout to the Figure 4 Leglock submission, and he had to earn it, taking a page of Sami’s book to kick the back of left knee while Sami was on the middle ropes.

7 - Michael Elgin p. Ricochet w/ the pair of powerbombs, w/ the first coming from the middle ropes to counter the Huricanrana attempt, followed by the spin to the mat. Unlike the previous 2 matches, however, Elgin’s attempt at another long Delayed Vertical Suplex ended in Ricochet hitting a countering DDT :57 in.

SM - 6-man tag team grudge match, that initially started as a 3-on-2 Handicap. El Generico, PWG Champion Kevin Steen, & Senior Referee Rick Knox (THAT’S RIGHT, PEOPLE, SENIOR REFEREE RICK KNOX) def. Brian Cage & The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson). Another wild & crazy match that started with the said handicap, then Kevin Steen hit the ring to tag himself in from El Generico. Crazy flurry of action afterwards, ending w/ Matt Jackson eating Kevin Steen’s Package Piledriver, then El Generico’s Ground Brainbuster, then a Running Splash from Rick Knox, who scored the pin to send the crowd into a fury. Match of the night!

M - TOURNAMENT FINAL: Big see-saw battle between Adam Cole & Michael Elgin, including plenty of action outside the ring. It looked like Michael Elgin had it after he hit the powerbombs, but Adam Cole managed to counter it, and eventually hit the Modified German Suplex for the huge win, and he’s going straight for Kevin Steen’s PWG title!


JCW IPPV tonight

JCW BloodyMania 6 will take place tonight, as part of the “Gathering Of The Juggalos” festival. Here is the line up (taken from prowrestling.net): 

2 Tuff Tony vs. Kongo Kong for the JCW Title.

John Morrison vs Matt Hardy

Corporal Robinson vs. The Rude Boy.

Vampiro vs. Officer Colt Cabana.

Scott Steiner and Vader team up against opponents TBA.

The Ring Rydas vs. The Headbangers vs. Mad Man Pondo and Necro Butcher vs. The Rock-n-Roll Express in a four-way for the JCW Tag Titles.

Battle Royal featuring Carlito, Chris Masters, Bobby Lashley, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, U-Gene, Shockwave the Robot, Zach Gowen, and more.

The show will air live on IPPV over at http://www.psychopathiclive.com for $14.95. The Morrison/Hardy match was supposed to be a triple threat also involving Shane “Gregory” “Hurricane” Helms, but unfortunately he had to pull out. He apologised on Youtube. 

Thoughts: If this had the usual JCW $5 price tag, I’d probably order it, being a big Morrison fan. Seeing Steiner and Vader team up would be cool too. Send a review along to indywrestling@hotmail.co.uk if you check out the show. 

- Lee

Aftermath of Kevin Steen punching people (video)

I forgot to mention in the ROH results that world champion Kevin Steen was involved in an incident with two fans after his match, which resulted in him punching both of them. It is unclear whether they were actually plants or not. I’d assume that was the case, otherwise punching them was a very bad idea on Steen’s part. 

Thanks to my friend Arlene for sharing! 

Ring Of Honor: Boiling Point results

I’ve been on holiday (“vacation” to you Americans), and totally forgot ROH had an IPPV last night. The questionably named “Boiling Point” took place in Rhode Island, and here are the results: 

Roderick Strong defeated Mike Mondo

QT Marshall won a four way, and an ROH contract (vs Matt Taven vs Vinny Marseglia vs Antonio Thomas)

Adam Cole beat Bob Evans

Charlie Haas defeated Michael Elgin

The Briscoes beat Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino

2 out of 3 falls: Jay Lethal beat Tommaso Ciampa

Eddie Edwards & Sara Del Rey defeated Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis

ROH World Championship - No DQ: Kevin Steen retained against CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston

Thoughts: I’ve read two reviews of this show. Matt Waters at PWponderings liked it, Chris Shore at Prowrestling.net wasn’t so keen. You can read their reviews on those sites! 

Nothing looks “must see” to me, but I imagine the second half was fun.

- Lee

PWG: Battle of Los Angeles 2012 first round

The following is taken from the PWG website:

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s 2012 Battle of Los Angeles - Stage 1

Saturday, September 1, 2012 - 8:00PM Bell Time - Reseda, CA

American Legion Post #308 - 7338 Canby Ave., Reseda, CA 91335

First round matches in the 2012 Battle of Los Angeles are scheduled to include:

Adam Cole (1st Battle of Los Angeles) vs. El Generico (8th Battle of Los Angeles - 2011 Battle of Los Angeles winner)

Michael Elgin (1st Battle of Los Angeles) vs. Davey Richards (5th Battle of Los Angeles - 2006 Battle of Los Angeles winner)

Ricochet (2nd Battle of Los Angeles) vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen (6th Battle of Los Angeles)

Eddie Edwards (2nd Battle of Los Angeles) vs. Kyle O’Reilly (1st Battle of Los Angeles)

Sami Callihan (1st Battle of Los Angeles) vs. Willie Mack (2nd Battle of Los Angeles)

TJ Perkins (2nd Battle of Los Angeles) vs. Joey Ryan (6th Battle of Los Angeles - 2010 Battle of Los Angeles winner)

B-Boy (1st Battle of Los Angeles) vs. Brian Cage (2nd Battle of Los Angeles)

Roderick Strong (7th Battle of Los Angeles) vs. Drake Younger (1st Battle of Los Angeles)”

The Battle Of LA has returned to its traditional two day, sixteen man format, and will conclude the following day in the same venue. 

Thoughts: This is going to be an awesome weekend of wrestling. The Battle of LA is at its best when in the full two day format, so I’m pleased they’ve brought that back this year. Ricochet vs Steen and Callihan vs Willie Mack are particularly eye catching for me, as well as the big ROH rematches Richards vs Elgin and Edwards vs O’Reilly. 

- Lee

Results from Dragon Gate USA: Enter The Dragon 2012

This was the Dragon Gate USA third anniversary show, and it took place in Chicago last night. 

MASADA defeated Jake “The Manscout” Manning

The Scene defeated Zero Gravity

Samuray Del Sol defeated Shane Hollister

Super Smash Brothers defeated Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez

I Quit match: Johnny Gargano defeated Chuck Taylor

Jon Davis defeated YAMATO

Akira Tozawa defeated El Generico

Open The United Gate Championship: CIMA & AR Fox defeated Ricochet & Rich Swann

Source: PWTorch

Thoughts: No Dragon Gate wrestlers at all in the first half of the DGUSA anniversary show. The previous editions of this show opened with YAMATO vs BxB Hulk, CIMA vs Gargano, Ricochet vs Yoshino, and now we get…MASADA vs the Manscout? Not cool. It’s like the first half was EVOLVE and the second was DGUSA. I understand the practicalities of lessening the imported talent and building the American guys, but that doesn’t work out if the American guys are a big step down.

If I buy a show with the Dragon Gate name on, I want Dragon Gate wrestlers and Dragon Gate style wrestling. Yeah, the top three matches appeal to me on this card, and I know that you can’t feasibly have a completely awesome card on every show, but us Dragon Gate fans aren’t going to keep forking out the money for shows that have a completely uninteresting first hour and a half. I’m not saying that was necessarily the case here, I haven’t seen the show and I’ve heard (well, read) good things about the I Quit match, but DGUSA seems to be going in a distinctly un Dragon Gate direction. The first three shows of the year were really good, and were loaded from top to bottom, hopefully the next DGUSA shows will be more in that vein. 

- Lee